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Snap Sexting Guide
June 2019

If you’re looking for a good fuck online, you’ve got to make sure you’re using the right sites and apps, or you’re going to bang your head against a wall, wasting time in all the wrong places trying to chat with fake bots and women who aren’t looking for the same hookup you are. Instagram DMs get ignored, and dating sites are for dating, so if you’re using that, you’re working too hard for no payoff. Snap is the way to go, but where do you start? SnapFinder helps you find hot chicks looking to hookup without having to wade through thousands of unavailable or unwilling ladies. Snatching up a hookup right from your phone isn’t that hard if you know what you’re doing, and we’ve put together something that streamlines the process.

Now that you know, it’s time to get started. The first step is to sign up! So you get signed up and you start looking for Snapchat babes. What’s next? What happens when you actually start talking to a horny, willing woman close to you? If you’ve been at this awhile, you know how easy it is for the conversation to end. You get a no thanks, or she ghosts out outright, and you have to start all over. There’s a path to getting from hello to agreeing to meet for sex. So, how do you turn a potential fuck into an actual, in person hump-fest? Here are some tips on closing the deal with real, live women.

Don’t be an ass. Starting the conversation with crude or rude remarks will get you nowhere. A woman wants some basic courtesy, so if you show you’re an asshat right out of the gate, you’re getting ghosted. Ask a few questions, and listen to the responses. Showing you can’t bother to read is a giant red flag that says you aren’t worth fucking. If she says she’s married, don’t ask later if she’s single. If she provides you information to read – actually read it! This information is a gift and can provide instructions for getting into her pants. Let her see your face before she sees your dick. No one buys that you need your privacy and can’t show your face. You’re both looking to hook up, so no one is looking to tell your wife or girlfriend. Face and full body pictures put people at ease and are a great opener for more sexy pictures. Ask her before you show off your cock. 11 out of 10 women do not want a surprise dick pic. Suggest sending her a racy picture and wait for a receptive response before sending them. That shows a general courtesy and it opens all kinds of doors for you.

Blurry dick pics are unimpressive. If you want model quality nudes coming to you, but you only have poorly framed, shitty dick pics to return, you’re going to have a bad time. Take actual nudes. Prop your phone up and set the self timer to get your full body laying on the bed. Take selfies that show more of your body than the section between your navel and your knees. If you treat yourself like a catch, so will she. Women like visual material as much as you do, so show her that you can be as sexy as you think she is.

Make conversation. While both of you want to hook up, she’s not getting wet until she knows you aren’t a douchebag. You don’t have to delve into politics or religion or your families, but being able to talk about something other than what you’re going to do with your dick tells her you’re a person, and that’s who she wants to fuck.

Don’t make promises. While she wants to know you’re a person, laying it on thick about what a goddess she is and how she’s everything you’ve dreamed of is disingenuous. She’ll see through it. You’re better to frame yourself as you are, a working, regular guy that wants to blow off some steam and fuck around. A real person with honest desires.

Don’t insult her. This should go with number one about not being an ass, but some guys don’t get it. If she says no to a meeting suggestion or her schedule doesn’t meet hers, it won’t help to be like, “you’re fucking ugly anyway, I didn’t really want to fuck you anyway”. It shows your ego and makes you look more like Trump than Romeo. If she’s down to hook up, but isn’t up to it that night, she might have some shit to do. Be polite, try to schedule. If you can’t, politely move on. Women can smell a douche, so don’t be one.Talk about kinks and fetishes before you meet. Surprising a woman, in person, that you’re into feet or wearing panties doesn’t go over well. Honestly broach the subject of kink in chat or on the phone. Giving her that information lets her prepare to meet your desires and ensures that you’ve found a compatible partner rather than creeping a woman out at the last minute. Chicks are freaks too, so fly your flag proudly so similar freaks can find you. Men that fly their freak flag are also more likely to get messages sent to them rather than just sending them.Clean your house or at least a room. Wherever you’re taking pictures to send, pick it up a little. Grown men are sexy and have made beds. Boys are messy and more trouble than they are worth. Women see grown men as having lives, carrying condoms, and being trouble free when the fuck is over and she doesn’t want 100 texts following her after. A clean bedroom in pictures sends just the right message about your experience and talent.Sign up and start using these tips today!

Look, these are just a few things to help you on your way. They cover mistakes that well meaning guys can make on the road to no strings fucking and give you a chance to correct your course. We have men and women on staff to make sure that our formula gets you to the right ladies for the best hookups.The rest of it is up to you. Be sexy, be considerate, and be honest. You’ll find sex partners faster that way, and you might even end up with a regular hookup, if that’s what you want. The women you’re chasing want good sex without complications. They want to know they’re going to get off, and they want to know you won’t blow their phone up after if you haven’t agreed to that.They want the same thing you do, sex that doesn’t fuck up their lives!

Shitty dating sites have spent years making different promises to men and women. They’ve promised men easy sex and women a path to love in a mistaken impression that women only want love. That’s caused men to look for a quick fuck in the type of woman that wants more. Fortunately, we’ve reached an era where women who have lives and want to just play around have a place to go too. They show off their tits and asses on Snap, and talk dirty while they look for a great, like minded guy to fuck.They want all the same things as you, so give them what you like. Send sexy pics, don’t make assumptions, and be chill. There’s no reason for you not to have a string of sexy, horny women to play with. Even if you want things like threesomes, kinky sex, bondage, or you have some fetish, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Bisexual women have a ton of choices for group sex, and the right chill guy that understands can make all the difference.

The last, and most important thing you can do is to have a plan. If you’re looking for a good fuck, you’d better know what to do when she says yes! Are you going to a hotel or hooking up at home? Most women won’t invite you back to their place for safety reasons. Know where you want to hook up. If it’s a hotel, be prepared to pay for it. Make sure you have safety in mind. Latex and non-latex condoms and some lube are great basics.If you have extra desires, have the tools ready. Even for a normal guy, investing in a cleanable vibrating toy can make a big difference. A magic wand is great, and you can pop a condom on it for cleanliness. It’s a small courtesy she’ll appreciate, though the hotel room next to you might not appreciate the moaning and screaming. Be sure of yourself, and be ready for when she says yes. If you make it easy for her to say yes, and you have a game plan prepared, you’re sure to be fucking immediately and often, either with the same women or different ones each time.

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